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A University of Maryland School of Medicine study suggests that a mobile app can be effective in managing diabetes when compared to traditional methods. This randomized control trial studied WellDoc’s  Diabetes Manager a patient coaching application that delivers personalized results. Those who used the Diabetes Manager had a statistically significant mean decline of 1.9% in their A1C over a year compared to only 0.7% in the control group. WellDoc’s Diabetes Manager was FDA-cleared in 2010 and is set to debut commercially this year.

The Diabetes Manager is just one of the many apps currently on the market and most are free or low cost and very user friendly. Here are a few diabetes apps to consider:


Glucose Buddy: This allows you to record your daily glucose levels and even your insulin injections, exercise and foods consumed. Trend graphs of your information are also available.

Daily Coach: This is not only for diabetics but also for persons at risk for diabetes, those with cardiovascular conditions and obesity. It has a locator for health professionals and pharmacies as well as a weight tracker and BMI calculator. Runs on iOS , Android, smart phones and pads.

Walking Paths App: This American Heart Association app allows you to find walk paths for exercise anywhere you are. Just plug in your location and  you are good to go.

My Fitness Pal: With a database of over one million foods you can customize meals to fit your diet plan. It even allows for exercise tracking. Compatible with Apple products.


Track 3: This keeps track of your daily insulin needs but has added perks like weight management and information on chain restaurants and common foods to help you make better meal choices.

Vree: Track blood glucose levels and build meals to your specifications here. Get tips on nutrition, exercise and diabetes. One caveat: it does not allow for the tracking of insulin levels.

Also check out other cool apps at Diabetes Forecast.


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  1. Great apps – and info on the various ones now available as diabetes affects millions of people.

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